So experiment and find the power of the practice yourself! Most tarot decks include 78 cards and therefore are located on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, using similar archetypes and symbology. 5. There are also tarot cards from other traditions, such as Marseilles tarot decks, in addition to oracle cards, which may comprise any number of cards along with their own unique imagery. Self-Love. But if you’re only getting in to tarot, chances are you have a Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Some of the very adoring messages I’ve ever received have come via tarot and oracle cards and many individuals have had exactly the same experience.

In such tarot decks, each of the 78 cards features a unique meaning. What I really like about using tarot and oracle cards for bettering my self is how often they align with synchronicity. That’s a great deal, but you don’t need to hold every bit of information about them in your head. For instance, I have a tendency to pull the exact cards I need to learn from in the exact right moment. Here are the essential things to understand: Again, this isn’t an experience unique to me, almost everybody who utilizes tarot/oracle cards will have at least one magic moment of heartfelt epiphany regarding themselves.

1. To utilize tarot/oracle cards for self-love, choose a wrought iron deck such as Crystal Visions Tarot, Whispers of Love Oracle or Universal Love Oracle. Tarot cards are divided into two groups, the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. Do a daily draw in which you pull a card every morning and reflect on it. The 56 Minor Arcana cards have been grouped into four suits (just like a normal deck of playing cards): Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

You may even create a formal daily self indulgent clinic in which you pull a card for the week and reflect every day on the various layers of this card and what messages it has to give you. The 22 Major Arcana bargain with your own life general journey. What do I need to appreciate more about myself? How do I be more gentle with myself? What do I need to nurture myself right now?

How do I protect myself more? How do I be more self-compassionate now? What do I need to forgive inside myself? How do I feed my spirit now? What do I need to discharge?

Wands. Just like all inner work practices, keep a journal and record your reflections. These focus on inspiration, tasks, goals, and creativity. Also, make sure that you practically apply the ideas you get. Cups. There’s no point pulling on cards should you aren’t willing to make conscious changes in your life.

Believe: emotions, relationships, celebration, and feelings. Be practical and seek to ground the discoveries you make in your everyday existence. Swords. The Spiritual Awakening Process eBook: All these are about motive, truths, and observations–all things that may be sharp!

I am hoping that I’ve motivated you to explore this wondrous inner work instrument — or employ it in a different way. Pentacles. There are a multitude of ways to utilize tarot/oracle cards so don’t find my suggestions over as the be-all-and-end-all. You’ll learn about material items, professions, or your home life. But I do hope the aforementioned practices help. 2. Speak with me: do you use oracle and tarot cards?

If this is the case, what’s your favorite deck and favorite way of using it? :-RRB- While the Major Arcana cards (e.g., The Lovers, The Tower) deal with large milestones, the Minor Arcana deal with daily issues. Please be aware that this guide contains affiliate links. gemini tarot card 3. In case you choose to purchase whatever we link to, we get a small percentage to help with our work. These are known as the court cards.

Thanks! If these appear, connect them to someone with that type of personality. 4. Tarot card reading.

Each suit of the Minor Arcana has those four court cards plus cards numbered ace to 10. Learning the Tarot – An Online Course. Generally, they show that a progression: The Ace of Wands, by way of example, can symbolize the exciting start to a new project, whereas the 10 of Wands can seem when you feel overwhelmed with work. Welcome to Learning the Tarot – my course on how best to read the tarot cards.

Bear in mind, there are no rules that say you can’t use your guidebook when you’re performing a reading! But if you do want to learn the cards deeply, New York City–based tarot reader Angela Lucy recommends performing a self-guided meditation together with each one. "Envision yourself in front of the card," Lucy explains, "then walk within it in your mind. " Or memorize them such as flash cards right prior to a final–whatever works for you. In the last couple of years, interest in the tarot has grown tremendously. How to perform a tarot reading.

A growing number of people are seeking ways to combine inner and outer realities so they can live their lives more creatively. 1. They have found in the tarot a highly effective tool for personal growth and insight. Set the mood with candles that are fancy –whatever makes your area feel rested.