News Nikon rumors 2020(Picture credit: Nikon)After unceremoniously discontinuing its own 1 string APS-C mirrorless cameras, Nikon went full bore to full-frame mirrorless with all the Nikon Z6 along with Nikon Z7 cameras in 2018… then last year it stunned the world by resurrecting its plans for an APS-C mirrorless format, even with all the Nikon Z50. The maker lasted its mirrorless during 2020 with the Nikon Z5 (an entrance level full-frame Z camera which sits above the Z50 and below the Nikon Z6), and it’s also confirmed successors to the original Z cameras at the form of this Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II. On top of that, rumors have just broken regarding the Nikon Z9 that looks like a Canon EOS R5 killer…But Nikon is playing things quite differently to its arch nemesis when it comes to DSLRs. While Canon declared its intention to change focus away from conventional cameras 2020, Nikon revealed not one but two new DSLRs. We have recently reviewed the corporation’s new flagship, the Nikon D6, however we had been a little disappointed with how it contrasts to both best professional sports cameras from Canon and Sony. That said, we were favorably wowed from the fantastic hybrid vehicle Nikon D780. And, while Canon has stopped growth of new DSLR lenses, Nikon has just unleashed the monstrous Nikon 120-300mm f/2. 8E. So, what’s coming from the Big N? Here nikon upcoming cameras in 2019 – best camera news is a look at the reports and rumors conjured up from our crystal ball…Nikon Z9 and Z8The brilliant’newspaper prototype’ of this Nikon Z9 by BuildYourCamera on Instagram (Picture credit: BuildYourCamera)Rumors abounded in mid-2019 which Nikon was working on a expert Z-series camera, however it didn’t materialize in time to get the 2020 Olympics. Naturally, the 2020 Olympics did not materialize either — and now we’re hearing the Nikon Z9 will likely be in pros’ hands in time for the rescheduled 2021 Games, with general availability by the end of the year. According to reports, the Nikon Z9 will likely be searched for your Canon EOS R5, with nearly identical core specs: a 46MP picture sensor, 8K 30p video, 4K video as much as 120p, 20fps constant shooting, and dual XQD / CFexpress Type B card slots. However, the projected price label is supposed to be a toe-curling $$ At least in terms of specs, that will put the nail in the coffin of this disappointing Nikon D6… but does the price prove too much for most of blood? Nikon’s mysterious testing modelsNikon is now testing a lot of different Z-mount camera versions, and there has been some speculation regarding what exactly is what. It seems that one is going to be the newest flagship Z9, and another is possibly even the Z8 that’ll sit in an identical fashion into the Z6 (more on this below)