last-minute book report isn’t a last-minute bumpy part this is my mizerock colonnades for short which wimpy think was about women’s issues but it’s not it’s about a bunch of people who are really miserable by Victor Hugo this guy’s Jean Valjean goes to prison for like 19 years and it’s totally bogus because all he did was like still one loaf of bread to feed his family police then those donkeys had a prison it steals more stuff but the fish was like really noble and gets him out of it and now he wants to be noble too even though the law says he’s a thief so he changes his naming it’s all respectable and meets Fantine and she’s arrested by Inspector Javert who’s a cop but it’s really a bad guy and vie john was supposed to be a bad guy but he’s really good gets her off the hook then she’s really sick and Bella tries to find her daughter goes out but he’s too late and she dies so if as John finds Fantine Sutter takes care of her in Paris and they’re like totally happy until this kid Mars falls for Cosette and she’s hot for him too Marty said his friends barricade the street because they want to overthrow the king and though John is there to protect Mars because Cosette lost him and then Javert shows up because he’s so after festro and Marcia’s friends are going to kill children for spying but as Joel says aside even those over is out to get him which is like so totally Noble Marty’s gets wounded if a child carries him through the sewers which is like really gross and jover chases him in a restaurant even though he saved his life but then showfair lets him go and so hair is so confusing decides to kill himself oh gosh all he’s home free so Mario’s gets better and marries Cosette everyone is tired and who wouldn’t be after all this so he lies down on his bed and dies happy and the moral of the story is some time people are good and some good people are mad and he did steal the bread but his family was starving and why is this book so long the end this has been a last-minute book report last minute book reports needing all your book report needs at the last minute